Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Dubai


Dr. Mohab Ahmed Shafei

Specialist General Surgeon – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is inhalation of 100% oxygen inside a pressure room called a Chamber. Inside the chamber we increase the pressure gradually and keeps the patient under the pressure for some time and then decrease the pressure gradually back to zero to get the patient outside the chamber.

The treatment takes about60  to  90 minutes depending on the problem, it has to be session every day, 5 sessions/ week and 2 days off , number of sessions depends on the disease. The feeling inside the chamber is the same feeling inside the aeroplane during landing ,the patients may have a slight pressure on their ears which can be alleviatd by swallowing.

Before and after the session the patient can do his normal life,like working, eating ,exercising or driving.


The idea of the treatment is to increase the level of oxygen in the blood up to 15 times the normal amount, this huge amount circulate everywhere in the body .


Indication of HBOT:

complicated wound healing as diabetic would, chronic wounds and ischaemic wounds.

Venous ulcers

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Post radiotherapy complications

Complications post plastic surgery

Before and after maxillofacial surgery


Sudden hearing loss

Compromised graft and flaps

Bone infection


Alzheimer disease


Chronic fatigue syndrome

And many other problems.


Before the treatment there is a consultation for fitness to the chamber and some investigations might be needed like, chest x-ray and some blood tests.


The patient should change his clothes to our gown which is 100% cotton, no electronics allowed inside the chamber.

This therapy is only at Al Zahra hospital, Dubai.


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